Lamu Yoga Festival Teachers

We are hon­oured and delighted to wel­come this year’s yoga teach­ers — a diverse, tal­ented and expe­ri­enced group from around the world.

Alexandra is registered with Fitness Australia as a qualified fitness leader and Yoga Alliance ! International in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow. She presents her classes internationally in Australia, Africa and Europe and is a personal yoga trainer to supermodel Naiomi Campbell. ! ! Alexandra blends years of experience as a fitness instructor and yoga teacher into YogaCore™ and SUP yoga. Both yoga genre encompass fluid asanas focused on core strength yoga ! combinations, guaranteed to challenge and develop strong and toned abdominals. Suits all levels. Come get the Lamu six-pack!! ! Alexandra also presents a fun Zumba class– a dance fitness party that will spark your inner dance moves, tone and oxygenate the body. A sure way to have fun and a wonderful way to loosen the spine allowing increased flexibility for yoga.
German born and West Africa raised, Katrin completed her teacher training with Ana T. Forrest in Cape Town, South Africa, and is a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance.

a former gymnast and athlete and fascinated with human functional anatomy, Katrin offers challenging classes which leaves you inspired and spacious in your body. Due to her experience with surgeries, Katrin also provides scar and trauma treatment and neutritional advice.

As an artist and yoga teacher, it is Katrin’s mission to assist people in developing their full potential in order to heal injuries, overcome limiting behaviour and thought patterns, become intelligent and effective in using strength and talent sustainably in order to live a healthy and happy life.

Katrin teaches the Forrest yoga ssytem in German, English and French and additionally draws from her experience with various forms of yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Kong, Kung Fu, progressive muscle relaxation, the feldenkrais method vipasana meditation which gathered in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa.

Katrin certified as a Massage and Wellness Therapist, because she believes: ‘it is the heart that gives, Hands passes o what comes from the heart’

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Caitlin is a co-owner and instructor at Hollywood Power Yoga, where
she leads Teacher Trainings. She also instructs yoga classes at
Wanderlust Hollywood, the international yoga festival’s home base in
Los Angeles. Caitlin is thrilled to come to Lamu, to meet the people
at the festival and share her love of yoga. Shanti Peace!
  • Certified teacher in SUP Yoga, Yoga, AcroYoga, Aerial Yoga and independent musician.
  • Yoga practitioner since 1998. (Vinyasa, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Hatha Yoga, Vijnaña)
  • She speaks Spanish, English, French and Italian.
  • She has studied with teachers of some level such as Janet Stone, Nubia Teixeira, Mas Vidal, Orit Sept Gumta, Dharma Mittra, Mark Taylor, David Swenson, David Kyle, Shiva Rea, Dharma Priya, Michael Stewart, Oscar Velázquez, Saul David Raye, Ana Lilia Córdoba, Guillermina Marín, Edward Clarck, Parvathi, GovinDas, Douglas Brooks, BJ Galván.
  • Started AcroYoga in 2008, completed its certification in Montrèal in 2011 and AcroYoga USA in 2012.
  • She has studied Thai massage in Barcelona and Greece with renowned teachers such as Arnó L’Hermitte, Krishnataki, Jason Nemer and Pau Castellsagué (The Sunshine House).
  • Certification in Yoga 5 elements TT Vinyasa Yoga in 2012 with Janet Stone in Tulum, Mexico and San Francisco, California.
  • Certification of Aerial Yoga at Amala Yoga, Mexico, 2012.
  • Certification in Stand UP Paddle Yoga 2015 in San Diego California with “Paddle Into Fitness School” 2015.
  • She is the first certified teacher for Acroyoga Montreal and AcroYoga USA.
  • Music lover has dedicated much of his time to the practice of Bhakti Yoga, participating in workshops around the world with excellent international masters such as Jai Uttal, Krishna Das, GovinDas, Deva Premal, Gina Salá and Daniel Paul.
  • She is currently part of the world music group “Cala Marina” and teaches regular courses of Stand Up Paddle Yoga, AcroYoga and Bhakti Yoga around the world.
  • Https://
Salim Rollins has maintained a dedicated yoga practice since 2000 and was certified as an instructor through Yoga Alliance in 2007. He has studied under the mentorship of several master teachers including Jhon Tamayo (New York), Ullas Kumar (Kerala, India), and Sudhesh Chandra (Mysore, India) among others. In recent years he has established Soul Flow, which holds classes, retreats and workshops in yoga, dance and other wellness practices throughout Kenya. In 2016 Soul Flow organized two retreats in Kenya: Move & Flow: Capoeira & Yoga Retreat and Yoga on Dub: a Reggae & Yoga Festival. Salim typically teaches a “vinyasa” or “flow” style yoga set to the sound of global soul music. He has conducted extensive research on yoga philosophy with scholars, yogis and saddhus throughout India. In addition to his work as a Yoga instructor, Salim also teaches the Afro-Brazilian martial art, Capoeira Angola and truly enjoys engaging his students through physical exercise and mental focus.

Christel has been a qual­i­fied Yoga teacher for the last 16 years. In her classes she com­bines ele­ments of dif­fer­ent styles into a unique blend where move­ment, flow­ing sequences, pre­ci­sion work in asanas or a sequence of Kun­dalini kriyas take the focus of a class.

Chris­tel was born in Ger­many, but has been a res­i­dent of Kenya since 1988. She is a Yoga teacher (Yoga Vidya, Flow Yoga), Prac­ti­tioner for Reiki, Rei-flex­ol­ogy and Bio-resonances Ther­apy as well as a Focus Trainer and Wal­dorf Teacher. Presently she works as a Learning Support and Yoga teacher at Hill­crest Sec­ondary School and offers Yoga classes and private sessions in Nairobi, Langata/Karen.

Originally from Finland, Inka is a social anthropologist working for an international humanitarian organization. She has lived around the world and recently relocated to Rome.


It was her interest in eastern philosophy and martial arts that first led her to yoga in Nepal in 2006.


Inka trained as traditional hatha yoga teacher in Dar es Salaam with the Yoga Academy of Life (NGO based in Gujarat, India). She is an honorary member of Yoga for Wellness Tanzania and keenly participates in promotional yoga activities. She recently took an additional “Yoga and traditional medicine”-teacher training course in Peru with the Bali-based School of Sacred Arts to further explore cross-cultural yoga practice.



She is very happy and honoured to be part of the 2017 Lamu Yoga Festival!

Joanne Ball-Burgess  aka Jo-1 uses dance as a pathway to freedom. She is  an experienced dance choreographer, song writer, poet and published author. She also started The Cottage School where performing and visual arts are used to ehnance the core subjects.

Judged on East Africa’s dance TV show, Sakata Mashariki for 4 seasons, Joanne has taught dance across the US, Cyprus, Egypt and now in Kenya.

Born and raised in Kenya, Kelly has made quite a name for him­self as a tal­ented, dedicated and qualified yoga teacher and once a trainer to Inter­na­tional super­model Naomi Campbell.

Kelly is trained and qual­i­fied as a Power vinyasa flow yoga teacher with the Africa Yoga Project and has been teach­ing yoga for 5 years now. He is also an experienced Hatha yoga and Sup Yoga(Paddle Board Yoga) teaching daily classes in Lamu. In his prac­tice as a yoga teacher and organizer of monthly yoga retreats in Lamu, Kelly has been able to meet, inter­act and social­ized with peo­ple from all walks of life. He is also the vice chairperson of Lamu Yoga Festival.

Payal is a dynamic multi style yoga teacher based in Uganda. She runs a small home studio “The Enlightened Cat” and is setting up Uganda’s first dedicated Yoga Teacher Training School in 2017.  Raised in a traditional Indian household while living most of her life away from India, Payal has always had a keen interest in observing the spread of Yogic Values across cultures.


She studied to be a biotechnologist, which piqued her interest even more in studying the intricate balance between the subtle and the physical body. Now a full time yoga teacher, Payal’s vision is to create a community in Uganda that comes together to support, grow, heal and learn through Yoga. She usually teaches Vinyasa and moving meditation, but leading dynamic meditations and teaching Yin/Yang sequences that combine modern and traditional approaches. In her spare time, Payal loves to hang out with cats and dogs, read and weave dream-catchers.


“Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds, we can grow flowers, or we can grow weeds”.  I thoroughly believe in the power of thought, your thoughts shape your actions and your actions shape your reaction with “prakriti” hence defining your destiny. I love to read about Hindu and Buddhist philosophy and the more I read, my belief in the power of thoughts get stronger. I am always available for a chat on about yoga sutras and cats.

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Marisa, founder of Yoga Zanzibar teaches Ashtanga based and Creative Vinyasa Flow with an emphasis on alignment according to the individual’s needs, flowing movements linked with an intense focus on the importance of applying the audible Ujjayi breath, dynamic fun flows with arm balances broken down in stages accessible to everyone. She focus on initiating movements from the deep core line – the latest fascia anatomy research from Tom Myers. Focusing on movements releasing the fascia lines and preventing unnecessary tension in our body during our physical practise. Marisa always includes pranayama and a short meditation in her classes, bringing awareness to mindfulness.


“I see yoga as ‘practical psychology’ – providing the tools to cope with daily life and its challenges. Yoga’s direct positive effect on the body & mind transforms the relationship with ourselves and the world we live in. Yoga leads to self-acceptance and self-love which leads to realising our true passions and gifts in life and the courage to follow our dreams to live a fulfilled life.”

Megbar Ayalew, Art of Living teacher from Ethiopie:

“I got introduced to meditation about twenty years ago after a difficult breakup in a relationship.

Questions like,who am I ? What’s the purpose of life? Why am l here?became a driving force to lead me in to this path.Eventually I met my Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar , the founder of the Art of Living foundation.Art of living is an international NGO which helps people from all walks of life to transform their lives through a breathing  technique called  sudardhan kyiya .I joined the organization and got trained to be a teacher.I have been teaching Yoga,Meditation and breathing techniques since 2008…

I enjoy sharing the knowledge finding passion,meaning and purpose in my life.I continue learning,wanting to live consciously by bringing awareness in my words and actions.

Life is beautiful and I am here to enjoy it to the fullest with much gratitude.

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When Monika came to Lamu for the first time 17 years ago during her world travel, she immediately fell in love with the beauty of Lamu Island. She announced that Lamu was THE place for yoga and destressing.

She started as a yoga teacher on the beach in 1999 and developed her own style, inspired by yoga teachers whom she invited to give Yoga Retreats in Lamu.

In 2003 she became a follower of the Art of Living organisation, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and since than has deepend her yoga, meditation and pranayama. In 2007 she opened her own studio at Banana House and became Art of Living teacher and Sri Sri Yoga instructor. Monika, always been active promoting yoga, is initiator of the Lamu Yoga Festival and will teach yoga with a smile!

In stillness we can have a deepest experience of all that life is.  Open up to stillness.  Ever stop in midst of every day stuff, just stop and observe what’s going on around you?  You may find the sound of nothing and everything contained in one space.  You’ll find that you’re not only standing amidst this silence, that you are the silence.  It is the most peaceful, coherent, knowledgable conscious moment to witness”.

My journey in Yoga started 15 years ago to rehabilitate a running injury, which has taken me through many rehabilitations and wellness transformation since then. I am a student of practice, compassion-centred philosophy and living each moment more mindfully.


Over the years I have attended many certification workshops in different styles of Yoga in the USA, South Africa and Kenya. Each practice of Yoga enables me to understand the different levels of people’s abilities in both physical and mental philosophy.

My class brings together yin and yang energies, a harmonious blend of gentle although not “easy”, its dynamic and accessible to everyone.  They are based on correctness of alignment, a combination of flow, intense and a spirit of playful twist.  With a certificate background in clinical exercise rehabilitation, I’m skilled in modification and adapting postures for people of wide range of abilities and injuries.

When not on the Yoga mat I am a certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Medical Exercise Specialist. This work incorporates healthy lifestyle, core strength, mind body disciplines to complement the quest for inner and outer fitness.

“Be a pineapple.  Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside”

Rose Mary is Costa Rican and Spanish. She is biologist, naturalist guide and expert on environmental education. She is a lover of photography and nature.
She found the discipline of yoga when she was living in Paraguay 15 years ago .
Yoga for her is one of the disciplines that stand out when it comes to helping people to disconnect from the worries, the stress of everyday life and to live the present.
She always uses aromatherapy in her classes. She thinks that Yoga and essential oils is a perfect match. The oils harmonize perfectly with a yoga practice; some oils produce a relaxing effect on the mind, calm the mind while doing meditation, bring inner strength in people and connect with their spiritual side. Other oils relieve of fatigue, stress and depression and expand the upper chakras, give a lift in the mood and the worries evaporate.
In her classes Rose Mary teaches support people to find their inner voice and mission in life. The students are invited to listen to and learn from their own body’s needs, breathe, gain flexibility and strength, and restore balance to the body, mind and spirit.
Rose Mary is an innate globetrotter. For almost 30 years she has been traveling from country to country living in them for three, four years, in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. He had the opportunity to live in China where she practiced and learned Tai chi with Chinese master teachers.
She believes that sport and health are essential in the life of a person. Therefore, she has also been certified as Health Coach, one of her passions is help people find their balance. She is masseuse (Chinese, Thai , Aromatherapy ) a shiatsu practitioner, and a reiki chaneler.
Rose Mary is a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. She currently lives in Uganda, where she enjoys practicing, teaching and helping a lot of people about their passions, after having done so in Nicaragua.


Originally from France, Oriane was introduced to Yoga while living in Sri Lanka in 1997. She has since moved to Africa and for the last 9 years has been living in Nairobi Kenya where she teaches Yoga Vinyasa, Traditionnal Ashtanga, Pranayama and soft restorative yoga. She organises Well-Being Safaris and runs Yoga Retreats around East Africa and Europe. Certified by the YOGA ALLIANCE and the Centered Yoga Institute, Oriane qualified as a Yoga Instructor in 2004 and has been teaching for the past 13 years. She keeps on studying Yoga asanas, philosophy and anatomy and has practiced a variety of yoga styles including Ashtanga, Flow, Vinyasa, Yin, Scaravelli and recovery Yoga. Oriane instructs yoga novices and advanced practitioners, and also guides through Yoga Therapy to help with a variety of mind and body related issues. Over the years she has developed a refined style and a great passion for teaching. Her approach to yoga is compassionate and rooted in the core traditions of classical yoga, Hatha and Ashtanga. She teaches an intuitive yoga style emerging directly from her feelings and the one of the students. She likes to let feel the postures and let the practice flow, learn to let go and surrender. For more info on classes, venues and retreats Visit Or write to or Or Whats app +254 735 096 348 Namaste Oriane

Paul teaches Dru Yoga and Dru Med­i­ta­tion at Watamu.

Dru is a grace­ful and potent form of yoga, based on soft flow­ing move­ments, directed breath­ing and visu­al­iza­tion. Dru works on body, mind and spirit—improving strength and flex­i­bil­ity, cre­at­ing core sta­bil­ity, remov­ing energy block­ages, build­ing a height­ened feel­ing of pos­i­tiv­ity, and deeply relax­ing and reju­ve­nat­ing your whole being.

Peo­ple call Dru the ‘yoga of the heart’ — come and open your heart in a Dru Yoga session.

Richard Kitoshi is a certified Yoga instructor at the Africa Yoga Project.

He attended his first yoga teacher training in 2012, Nairobi Kenya. The style of yoga he was trained in was Ashtanga yoga under the tutelage of Sharon Moon, a teacher under the Jois Foundation banner. In 2013, he attended the Africa Yoga Project 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training under the supervision of Kiersten Mooney, Lisa Taylor and Paige Elenson. Same year he attended the level 2 teacher training under Baron Baptiste in Malindi, Kenya.


Richard has also done the Next Generation Yoga training with emphasis on children aged 2-7years and 8-13years under Jodi Komitor the author of the best-selling book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Yoga with Kids.


In 2014, Richard attended a 4 module based level 1 Kundalini teacher training and successfully graduated in February of 2015.


Richard started out by teaching yoga at a Rehabilitation Centre for girls inKirigiti, Kiambu, Kenya. He also taught mothers in the slum area of Huruma, Nairobi.


Currently Richard can be found teaching at the Shine Center in the evening during the week and occasionally on Sundays in the afternoon. He has also extended his love for yoga by teaching privately in upcoming yoga studios, gyms and residential areas. He is looking forward to running his own yoga studio in the future.

A spinal fracture from a horseback riding accident when she was young left Amanda with pain at an early age.  She began practising yoga in 1993 and it changed her life.  Yoga was her pathway to healing, and she quickly discovered the deeper benefits that extended beyond the body to mind and spirit.

Amanda has been teaching Kundalini yoga since 2008.  Something of a travelling yogi, she has years of experience living and working internationally.  Amanda is passionate about her family, her practice, her work and travelling.  Amanda is happy to call North Carolina her permanent home.

With a master’s in psychology, a national certification in integrative health coaching and an extensive background in energy and sound healing, Amanda’s classes are imbued with energy and inspiration, bringing a deep sense of peace and healing to participants.

Amanda is passionate about helping people connect to their inner wisdom, energy, and happiness. To learn more about her, visit


Samantha, artist, Yogini & mother of four children.

Founder of One Yoga, dedicated to encouraging people to love more deeply and live more fully. Ancient wisdom provides the framework allowing us to tap into the power of love that regenerates, heals and transforms. Uncovering and aligning each person with their own dharma is a passion. Everything I do is created to ignite our deepest knowing. Celebrating the renewable abundance of nature and its profound effect on our own body -mind –spirit.  In cultivating awareness, a more enlightened understanding of the Self-blossoms.  Delving deep into the waters of Vedanta, Tantra, Sound healing and Shamanic rituals, weaving my way through yoga’s highly evolved techniques, creating an inner shift towards love and higher frequencies, freedom and creativity flow. Sharing the transformative power of yoga is my offering to you both on and off the mat.

 Initiation into the space of energy and light was first taught to me by my mother. The grace of Shakti and my female lineage have enabled me to embrace my earthly experiences, my primary devotion as a mother, and exploration of my own evolving journey.

 Over twenty years of dedicated discipleship & passion, I try to bring this wisdom into my life and into my teachings.

 With the breath as a portal, body and mind simultaneously unite with the dance of spirit. Shedding the fatigue caused by effort. Giving into deep inner synchronicity and existing effortlessly in the moment. An alchemy of the elements transforms stiffness into fluidity, density is replaced with shimmering energy. The landscape of the body is refined, liberated and illuminated from within. Awareness of the self effortlessly melts into peace, revealing our pulsing luminosity and ultimate oneness.


 For festival:

Classes at Lamu Yoga festival will highlight some of Samantha’s signature workshops. They will immerse you in aspects of the inner world of chakras, sound healing, yoga nidra, inner movement, meditative flows, Shakti Spirit & guided visualisation.  Connect with your body & soul. Letting you feel free, creative, boundless peaceful and mostly full of love.


Samantha currently leads Teacher Trainings in Yoga & Vedanta philosophy. Offering 200, 500 and prenatal certification internationally. She leads unique workshops and transformative retreats.

She leads a Migrating Bird Protection Community & writes for Home magazine, the Canadian Yoga Alliance Yogi Magazine as well as a contributor to many publications and videos for adults and children alike. She continues to exhibit her ever-evolving artwork internationally.



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