Yoga For All

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Did you know we spon­sor free com­mu­ni­ty yoga class­es? Africa Yoga Project teacher Pas­ka Atim John teach­es yoga to local adults and chil­dren in Lamu Town and Shela every week. Check out all the ini­tia­tives we spon­sor to sup­port our beau­ti­ful com­mu­ni­ty here, and join us if you can.

The Fascinating Story of Yoga in Cuba

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Take a trip to the tiny Caribbean island with a lot of soul by read­ing this piece on “the grand­fa­ther of Cuban yoga.” Excerpt: “The con­di­tions are minimalist—students rest in Savasana on a small area of tiled floor space, sur­round­ed by emp­ty walls with peel­ing paint and views of lush, fer­tile jun­gle out­side. [Eduar­do] Pimentel dreams of one day sell­ing his … Read More

Ever Hear of Yin Yoga?

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Cool essay in Vogue about The Hard­est Yoga You’ve Nev­er Tried, a style that focus­es more on still­ness than move­ment. But don’t let the pace fool you, the writer says, it can be “excru­ci­at­ing and elat­ing.” And it might help with chron­ic symp­toms. Here’s an excerpt: Yin is the under­dog of the yoga world, like­ly because its qui­et, inward-focused nature means … Read More

Doctors Are Integrating Yoga Into Treatment

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We liked this Casey Health Insti­tute arti­cle on WTOP, which high­lights and pro­motes com­ple­men­tary ther­a­pies in pri­ma­ry med­ical care. Excerpt: Research is increas­ing­ly show­ing yoga can help with “back pain, anx­i­ety, depres­sion and insom­nia,” and it can “help reduce risk fac­tors for car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­ease and hyper­ten­sion,” accord­ing to Yoga Jour­nal. It’s also been shown to help with the side effects of can­cer treat­ment. … Read More

The Age Defying Benefits of “Laughter Yoga”

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This Quartz arti­cle pulls togeth­er med­ical research from around the world on the health ben­e­fits of laugh ther­a­py. Excerpt: In Japan, healthy elder­ly peo­ple have shown sig­nif­i­cant­ly increased bone min­er­al den­si­ty and improved moods after once-week­­ly ther­a­peu­tic laugh­ter exer­cise ses­sions of 30-min­utes for three months. Iran­ian doc­tors who stud­ied the effect of laugh­ter ther­a­py on elder­ly sub­jects have also con­clud­ed that … Read More