The Age Defying Benefits of “Laughter Yoga”

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Lamu Yoga Festival

This Quartz arti­cle pulls togeth­er med­ical research from around the world on the health ben­e­fits of laugh ther­a­py. Excerpt:

In Japan, healthy elder­ly peo­ple have shown sig­nif­i­cant­ly increased bone min­er­al den­si­ty and improved moods after once-week­ly ther­a­peu­tic laugh­ter exer­cise ses­sions of 30-min­utes for three months. Iran­ian doc­tors who stud­ied the effect of laugh­ter ther­a­py on elder­ly sub­jects have also con­clud­ed that it improved gen­er­al health. And research on US can­cer patients has linked induced laugh­ter to increased Nat­ur­al Killer (NK) cell activ­i­ty. These cells are instru­men­tal in fight­ing dis­ease, and that same boost was seen in NK cell activ­i­ty when laugh­ter was induced in healthy patients, too.

Read more at the link below, then have a laugh ses­sion of your own:

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