American Study: Serious Yoga-Related Injuries Up

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A new U.S. study finds that while seri­ous yoga injuries are rare, they are on the rise. Here’s an excerpt from Health­Day Reporter, pub­lished on WebMD:

It’s a small num­ber com­pared to how many peo­ple prac­tice yoga, researchers said, and the odds of a seri­ous injury are low.

How­ev­er, the study found that the rate of ER-treat­ed injuries increased over time: from about 9.5 for every 100,000 yoga par­tic­i­pants in 2001, to 17 per 100,000 in 2014.

Plus, the fig­ures reflect only injuries seri­ous enough to war­rant a trip to the emer­gency depart­ment. There’s no way to count all yoga-relat­ed injuries, which would more often be man­aged in doc­tors’ offices or left untreat­ed, accord­ing to Thomas Swain, one of the study authors.

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