Ever Hear of Yin Yoga?

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Cool essay in Vogue about The Hard­est Yoga You’ve Nev­er Tried, a style that focus­es more on still­ness than move­ment. But don’t let the pace fool you, the writer says, it can be “excru­ci­at­ing and elating.”

And it might help with chron­ic symp­toms. Here’s an excerpt:

Yin is the under­dog of the yoga world, like­ly because its qui­et, inward-focused nature means that toned core mus­cles are not one of its pri­ma­ry ben­e­fits. Improve­ments of chron­ic ailments—lower back pain, spinal issues, hip and shoul­der blockages—are.

Check out the whole arti­cle here.

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