The Perfect Yawn: Coordinating Breath and Movement

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Long before you took your first yoga class, your body already knew some­thing about co-ordi­nat­ing breath and move­ment, thanks to the mech­a­nism of yawn­ing. We humans start prac­tis­ing this nascent form of yoga in utero, yet we are taught from an ear­ly age to sup­press our yawns for fear of caus­ing offence,” writes YuMee Chung, a self-described recov­er­ing lawyer who teach­es yoga in Toron­to, in The Star.

Check out Chung’s step-by-step guide for “Full Body Yawns to ven­ti­late your lungs, stretch your body, and restore bal­ance to the auto­nom­ic ner­vous system.”




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