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Celebrate Wellness, Community, and Lamu Culture

Ticket Registration

Celebrate Wellness, Community, and Lamu Culture

Diverse Yoga Workshops and Meditation Sessions:

Immerse yourself in a variety of yoga workshops led by experienced instructors, catering to all levels. Explore different yoga styles and enhance your practice. Engage in guided meditation sessions to cultivate inner peace and mindfulness.

Experience Lamu’s Rich Culture With A Touch Of Wellness

Experience the rich cultural heritage of Lamu through vibrant performances, exhibitions, and workshops. Enjoy traditional music, dance, and drumming showcases. Engage in cultural workshops to learn traditional African dances and crafts.

Community Impact and Service Projects:

Give back to the local Lamu community through meaningful community service projects. Contribute to initiatives focused on education and healthcare. Connect with the community and make a positive impact.


Secure your spot now!

Register for the Lamu Yoga Festival and embark on a transformative journey of wellness and cultural discovery

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Ticket A

Ksh 35000 or $ 300

  • Classes & Workshops
  • Swahili dinner
  • Sunset dhow sail
  • Festival t shirt
  • Festival present
  • 2 Complementary special classes
  • Final bonfire celebration

Ticket B

Ksh 30000 or $ 280

  • Classes & workshops
  • Festival t shirt
  • Festival present
  • Final bonfire celebration

Make sure you catch our Early Bird offer next year!

To show how much we appreciate you, this year we had some special offers and discounts that come with the Early Bird Ticket. With the Early Bird Ticket — you get a 20$ discount on the original ticket and almost 6,000KSH off your Jambo jet return flight from Nairobi! So get them while they’re hot as this offer is only valid till May 31st. Regular tickets will be available from June 1st.

You can read the waiver here

Special Classes

As a Ticket A holder you will have a choice of two FREE Special Classes. You can choose from below classes to register later in the year once registration opens:

  • SUP Paddleboard Safari (750 ksh)
  • Trapeze Yoga (1000 ksh)
  • Sensory Night free
  • Dhow Meditation & Swim (1000 ksh)
  • Sound Healing (1000 ksh)
  • Tusitiri Dhow Meditation free

If you would also like to book more special classes, feel free to do so at an extra cost that will also be communication when special class registration is open! Ofcourse as a ticket B holder you also will be able to register for Special classes at an extra cost. For those of you who will be Early Bird Ticket holders, you will have priority for special class registration as well!

No Cars, No Stress

Lamu is an island on the north coast of Kenya, rich in culture, tradition and natural beauty. It boasts a tropical climate, miles of empty beaches and many options for accommodations to suit all budgets. Lamu Old Town, the oldest Swahili settlement in East Africa, is a UNESCO heritage site.

Besides the history and nature, what else makes Lamu magical? We don’t have cars, just plenty of donkeys and boats. Without the stress and rush of modern life, it’s easy to feel a million miles away.

The simple and delicious Swahili cuisine is part of the reason Lamu is known as Kenya’s health and wellness destination. We eat plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood daily, and so will you.

We also spend lots of time enjoying the unspoiled beauty of our island. Jogging or walking on the beach, hiking in the dunes, swimming, sailing, tanning, fishing — and, of course, outdoor yoga.


We advise you to book your accommodation as early as possible, as October is a busy month in Lamu Island and accommodations will be booked up much much earlier than October.

Getting here

Daily flights from Nairobi, Malindi and Mombasa serve Lamu. You can book flights on:

  • Skyward Express(2x daily)
  • Jambo Jet
  • SafariLink

Transfer by boat from Manda Airport can be arranged by your accommodation. Catching a bus from Mombasa or Malindi to Lamu is a cheaper option.